Friday, March 17, 2017

TOP 10 - 2017 Kitchen ideas design

Go Commercial-Grade

This residential kitchen with commercial dash was designed in collaboration with architecture firm. Functionally, the room was laid out to maximize homework space for cooking; visually, using three different varieties of engineered stone for the backsplash, the countertop and also the island topper heightened the sense of huge space. The neutral background is broken in the light fixtures — an easily changeable feature when you're in the mood for a different color with a dash of brilliant orange.

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Mix Countertop Materials

If you are in the market for a fashion-forward laminate, granite, quartz and countertop are no longer your only options. Wood countertops are coming on strong. This kitchen by EnGrain and cool Calacatta marble for the best of both worlds combine the warmth of wood.

Kitchen organization ideas on a budget for small kitchens

Give Cookbooks Space

Cookbooks are great on open ledges, so long as they are not exposed to humidity and grease from the refrigerator or cooker.

Install Shelf Organizers

Slipping shelf organizers make frequently used tools easy to access.

Ideas for storage in small kitchens

Install a Pull-Out Cutting Board

In a Houston kitchen designed by Michele Allman, a pullout cutting board has a hole, which makes it simple to brush the scraps directly into the trash bin just below.

Above kitchen cabinets decoration ideas for any kitchen

Perhaps you have thought about what to do with that inconvenient space above your kitchen cabinets? We have accumulated 5 clever solutions for stylish storage and simple decor.
Homedepot ideas
Custom kitchen cabinets - Toronto. Affordable kitchen cabinetry design

Green Thumb

By putting a number of potted plants above the cabinets, add life to your kitchen. And if the cabinets are too high to comfortably water the plants, even imitation varieties can offer a sense of happiness and well-being to the dwelling.